Number line steps

Mathematics tool

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  • Learning arithmetic
  • Counting in intervals

Use the number line as a tool to understand the sequence of numbers, positioning numbers and doing additions, subtractions and multiplications.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. First, adjust the settings with the settings button. You can adjust the range of the sequence of numbers and the size of the intervals.
Select one of the squares and the number will disappear. Select an empty square to reveal the number. Select the 'Randomise' button to hide a number randomly.  

Use the 'Hide all numbers' button to hide all numbers and the 'Show all numbers' button to reveal all numbers. Choose one of the four colours from the bar at the bottom and select a square to make it change colour. You can control the number line with the cursor in the bar.

Select 'Reset' or 'Show all numbers' to reveal all numbers. Select 'Hide all numbers' to hide all numbers.


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