Multiplication tables

Prowise MOVE


  • Learn multiplication tables by heart

Practise making multiplication tables second nature with the tool 'Multiplication tables'.

After the tool starts up you choose:

  • which multiplication tables you want to practise;
  • how long you want to play;
  • the speed with which the answers appear;
  • whether or not to play with sound.

A multiplication exercise appears in the air once you start a game. Then, four parachutes descend with answers. Touch the right answer. If the answer is right, a new calculation appears. If the answer is wrong, the parachute flashes red and you can try again. How many correct answers can your pupils get before the time runs out?

Important! You need a Prowise MOVE camera to be able to use the MOVE tools. The camera is supplied with the Prowise Touchscreen. Assemble the MOVE camera to your Prowise Touchscreen and open the Prowise MOVE app in Central. Select the tool 'Multiplication tables '.

Multiplication tables