MOVE-update May 2021

High score and new MOVE game


  • Categorise the animals in the animal kingdom
  • Learn the names of the animals

Prowise MOVE is always in motion. With our new update, the thirteenth game is waiting for you: Match the animal category. You can also save the high score and introduce a competitive element to your pupils. 

Make learning through motion competitive

How cool would it be for your pupils to compete for a spot on the weekly, monthly or all-time high-score list?  This way, you introduce a competitive element to your lessons and challenge your pupils to become healthier. 

You can now choose to (or choose not to) save your score after playing the following three tools:

  • Test your Knowledge - Geography
  • Completing sequence
  • Match the animal category (new tool)

New game: Match the animal category

With this new game, your pupils go on an expedition to the animal kingdom. A 'digital zoo' with seven categories awaits them: mammals, birds, spiders, amphibians, reptiles, fish and insects. Your pupils are challenged to match the image of an animal with the right category. For instance, an elephant is a mammal and an owl is a bird. 

With the tool 'Match the animal category', your pupils practise biology and are also physically engaged. 

How to update

If the 1.3 update (with 'Level up' and '1,2,3 … cut') or higher (with 'Finish sequence' and 'Sort the animals') is installed, you can update the app directly from the App Store in Prowise Central.

  • Open the Prowise App Store
  • Click on 'Updates' on the left-hand side
  • Select 'Update all apps' or select only the MOVE updat

After installing the update, you can immediately get started with the new games. Is the 1.3 update not yet installed? First delete the MOVE app and reinstall it from the App Store

MOVE-update May 2021