MOVE update December 2020

Updates in Prowise MOVE


  • Practising fine motor skills
  • Learning to mimic a pose

Learning through motion with the Prowise MOVE camera is now even more fun, interactive and adaptive! 

A new update for the Prowise MOVE app is available for Prowise Central: Version 1.3. After this update, you can get started with two brand-new games.

'Level up: Maths' - Unique combination of adaptive learning and learning through motion!
With the tool 'Level up: Maths' the strengths of various MOVE tools are combined. As a player, you decide what you want to practise, the age level at which you want to practise, the movements you want to make, what your avatar looks like and what the theme of the game is. 

'Level up' offers a unique combination of adaptive learning and learning through motion. If you get the answer right, you get a harder question next time. In 'Level up: Maths' we use the maths exercises of the adaptive practise programme Prowise Learn.

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1,2,3 … pose!
Get students in motion by letting them strike different poses with the '1, 2, 3 … pose!' tool. Look at the pose that is presented and mimic it. The hourglass icon on the right indicates how much time you have left for this pose. If you mimic the pose correctly, it turns green and the pose you are striking is cut out.

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Update MOVE app
To be able to use the new tool, make sure you update the MOVE app. Open to Prowise App Store in the Central environment of the touchscreen. In case you have not installed the update yet, it will appear on your screen ready for your to install it.

Please note! To complete this update you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app.