Move files/folders, magnifying glass and recovered files

Presenter update July 2022

Even before the summer holidays, you can unwrap a Presenter gift. This Presenter update includes a number of frequently requested features. Get started with moving folders and files, the magnifying glass and new eraser options.

Organize your folders and files
We listened to you and understand that you like to keep your lessons and folders organized. So now you can structure and/or move your Presenter files and folders around to your heart's content. Looking forward to the summer holidays? Make a clean sweep through your files and put everything in the right folders ready for the new year.

Magnifying glass
Handy! With the new magnifying glass mini-tool, you can magnify your content on the canvas. For example, zoom in on an important part of the lesson, a photo that deserves extra attention or a piece of text so that students can read it better. You can also surprise your youngest students with a fun search. 

Recovered files
On the welcome screen in Prowise Presenter you'll find, next to your 'recently opened' and 'favorite files', also 'recovered files'. If you've accidentally closed Presenter without saving your lesson, you can now open and save the restored version at a later time.

With one click you can erase all written text, all drawn lines and shapes or all content on your canvas at once. We are working hard to be able to erase part of a line.  

Also new:

  • Time-stamp your files
  • Presenter also open in the Edge Chromium browser on Macbooks
  • Integration of ringel-s in the on-screen keyboard
Move files/folders, magnifying glass and recovered files