Mini tools



  • Inform user
  • Exploring the Presenter core skills
  • Adding mini tools

You can also add mini tools with the button in the toolbar. Mini tools are tools that always remain visible, also when the work field shifts to a different place on the page or even to another page entirely. The great thing about mini tools is that you can use these tools multiple times on different pages. This saves you time opening and adjusting the tool on every page.

For example, open a measurement tool, adjust the size, set a pencil colour and this tool stays on the page when you go to the next or previous page. This way you can measure a line or shape on one page and compare it to a different line or shape on another page. 

The time on the stopwatch keeps running when you switch pages. This way you can show multiple exercises to pupils while the time keeps running. Useful if you want to time how long it takes to read out certain word lists or to challenge your pupils in increasing the speed of calculations. 

There are five mini tools:

  • Protractor triangle
  • Ruler
  • Pair of compasses
  • Protractor
  • Stopwatch