ProConnect tool

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  • Create interaction
  • Stimulating engagement
  • Organize and visualize thoughts and thought patterns

ProConnect is a part of Prowise Presenter in which you can easily create interaction between devices in the classroom and the touchscreen. You start up ProConnect in Presenter. Next, other devices can participate through the browser or the ProConnect app.

  • Open the media library, click on "Tools" and then on "ProConnect". Click on the Mindmap to open it. A window will open in which you can set the mind map. Type the subject in the top bar. This topic is used as a starting point for your mind map. Then you can set the structure, map style and line style.
  • Then click on "Start ProConnect" and let students log in. The ProConnect sidebar appears, as does the code dialog for the ProConnect session. Click on "Start" to close the dialog. Click on start again to further design the mind map.
  • Students can submit words from their device. These words are immediately visible in the ProConnect sidebar. From the sidebar you can drag the words to a map in the mind map. You do this with the sleep icon. The map automatically gets a line and is now attached to the mind map.
  • Remove a card by clicking a submitted ProConnect card and then the trash can in the sidebar. You can also drag a card directly to the trash with the drag icon.