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  • Comparing values, counting and specifying 
  • Structuring values
  • Counting

Use counting chips to count, compare and name values. Create addition, subtraction, multiplication and division situations with counting chips to visualise various mathematical calculations. Stimulate counting up to a certain number, thereby practising the sequence of numbers in order to count towards the total value.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Drag coloured chips and chips with mathematical symbols to the work field. You can stack the chips. Remove chips from the work field by dragging them out. Select a chip to flip it. All chips have a light-blue backside. Click on the chip again to flip it back around.

In the settings menu you can adjust the chips that are visible in the tool. Close the menu by clicking on the settings button again or by clicking anywhere outside of the settings menu window.

Maths tokens


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