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  • Creating interaction
  • Collaborative learning (all operations with positive and negative numbers)
  • Stimulating engagement

ProConnect is a part of Prowise Presenter in which you can easily create interaction between devices in the classroom and the touchscreen. You start up ProConnect in Presenter. Next, other devices can participate through the browser or the ProConnect app.

  • Start ProConnect and let students log in with the group code. 
  • Open the media library, select 'Tools' and then ProConnect. Open Math race by clicking on it. A window pops up in which you can enter the numbers, the type of calculations and the total amount of calculations.
  • Once you press 'Start', the calculations appear on the devices of the participants. In Presenter, the participants are presented as part of a circle. If the participant answers many questions correctly, their colour grows in the circle in Presenter. The participant who solves all the calculations correctly, sees his or her part of the circle entirely filled up with their colour. Participants see their position in the race at the bottom on their own device.

The Math race stops when all parts of the circle are colored or when the teacher presses the stop button. The top three are revealed in Presenter. Click on 'Full list' to reveal the positions of all participants in Presenter.

Close the ProConnect session by clicking the 'x' in the green toolbar.

Math race