Level up: Maths

Prowise MOVE tool


  • Making additions, subtractions, fractions and multiplications second nature

'Level up: Maths' - Unique combination of adaptive learning and learning through motion!

With the tool 'Level up: Maths' the strengths of various MOVE tools are combined. As a player, you decide what you want to practise, the age level at which you want to practise, what you want to do, the movements you want to make, what your avatar looks like and what the theme of the game is.

For instance, do you want to practise multiplication tables at the level of an 8-year old, and want to do so by catching the right answers? You can! When you open 'Level up', a menu appears where you can set all these options.

By giving players a range of options, the tool better aligns with the wishes of the individual. Besides giving the child options, this tool is better aligned with the individual child in another way. 'Level up' offers a unique combination of adaptive learning and learning through motion. 

If the answer is correct, you get a harder question next. In 'Level up' we use maths exercises from the adaptive practise programme Prowise Learn.

Level up: Maths