Interactive 'i'

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  • Add additional information and media

The interactive i is a building block that allows you to add additional information and media to your lesson. For instance, you can add text, media or a link to a web page. Simply adjust the colour and the background of the building block so they blend into your lesson perfectly. Select the interactive i to show or hide the content.

The building block is always hidden when you open your file. Click on the interactive i to reveal or edit the information. After unfolding the building block a pencil appears in the top-right corner. Select this pencil to add different types of content. In the field at the top you can adjust the title, background colour and colour of the interactive i. In the field at the bottom you can add content by clicking on the plus icon. You can now choose to add text, media or a link. 

Change the order of the added content with the drag icon next to the field. Select a field by clicking on it. After doing so, a bin icon appears that you can use to delete content. By clicking on the pencil icon in the top-right corner again, you confirm the added content and exit the edit mode. You can now adjust the size of the interactive i. To do so, hold and drag the corner with the dots.

Interactive 'i'