Integrated lift control

Central 3.0


  • How to operate the lift from the screen

Prowise Central has now been equipped with fully integrated control of the Prowise iPro Lift system.

Integrated lift control?
Since the Prowise touchscreen and the iPro lift system are connected to each other, you can operate the lift via the screen. Very useful for when you are writing something and need to slide the screen up or down a bit. The integrated lift control also enables you to install your favourite and most frequently used positions. 

 How do I operate the lift from the screen? 

  1. Open the Prowise Central menu (by holding five fingers on the screen for two seconds).
  2. The Central menu appears on the left.
  3. Select the lift icon. 

With this menu you can operate the Prowise iPro lift system that is connected to the Prowise touchscreen. The options available depend on the model of the Prowise iPro lift system to which the screen is installed.

  • Adjust the height of the Prowise touchscreen.
  • Tilt the Prowise touchscreen (only possible in combination with the iPro Tilt or Toddler Lift)
  • Set a specific lift height or position as your favourite.
  • Let the lift move to your previously selected favourite position automatically.

Carry out the following steps to set a particular lift setting as your favourite:

  1. Set the preferred height and, if applicable, the desired tilt angle of the lift with the arrows in the menu.
  2. Press one of the numbers in the menu to save the lift position.
Integrated lift control