Here is why Chromebooks are the best choice for your classroom

We, as Google experts, can't wait to tell you why Chromebooks are an excellent choice.


Rapid launch, working in the cloud, handy, robust, safe, user friendly, automatically updated and above all cost efficient. Just some of the criteria you as a school or organisation take into consideration when purchasing new personal devices. We, as Google experts, can't wait to tell you why Chromebooks are an excellent choice.

Get started instantly

The Chromebooks start up within seconds. Pupils log in on their own account on any Chromebook. Searching for a particular device is no longer an issue. This way, pupils can get started the moment they walk into the classroom.

No charging necessary

Thanks to the powerful battery, the Chromebooks never have to be charged during the school day. A fully-charged device will last for up to ten hours.

In the cloud

Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, Google's operating system. You work entirely online, otherwise called 'in the cloud'. This means you are not working from the hard drive, but all your documents are saved online and are therefore always accessible. Working in the cloud also guarantees 100% personal data protection and is entirely safe!

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Updates are carried out automatically, always providing you with the latest, virus-proof software. Facilitate all the correct Chromebook settings for your class, school or organisation in one go in the administrator module.

Google Play Store

In the official Google Play Store you can download useful and functional Android apps. Think of Microsoft Skype and Minecraft for instance.

G Suite for Education

Useful tools and programmes designed to let teachers and pupils work together while learning. 


With Chromecast you can share/stream the screen of your Chromebook on an interactive whiteboard or touchscreen. Fully wireless, in excellent quality, quick and without additional costs or complex installations. Pupils can now easily show the entire class what they are working on. This enables interactive education and requires a lot of collaboration.


With the HD camera, pupils can record videos and communicate with each other, the teacher or external experts through Skype. Shut your Chromebook so no nobody can peek in on what you are doing.

Cost efficient

Since there is no need to purchase expensive software packages, one of the best things about the Chromebooks is their cost efficiency. This means that you can provide every pupil with a device more easily. Our education software Prowise Presenter is also entirely free and runs perfectly on Chromebooks. Create a free account here.

As Google Cloud and Google for Education Partner, we can't wait to tell you more about the unique possibilities our Prowise Chromebooks have to offer in terms of administration, warranty and installation.

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Here is why Chromebooks are the best choice for your classroom