Opening Presenter

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Open in Presenter

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  • Opening Presenter

You can open the browser version of Presenter in the Chrome browser.

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Go to

For Windows, Android and iOS tablets you can download the app (not available for smartphones).

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Go to
  3. Follow the installation wizard

Prowise Central (the operating system of our touchscreens) has its own app in the Prowise
Make sure you have at least installed version 2.2.1 of Central on your touchscreen.
You can execute the update manually in the Prowise Central settings menu.

  1. Hold down 5 fingers on the touchscreen for 2 seconds to open the Prowise Central menu.
  2. Check whether Prowise Central is connected to the internet by clicking the tab 'Connectivity' in the sidebar of the settings menu.
  3. Click in the settings menu 'General', 'Updates' and 'Check for updates'.
  4. Click 'Update' to execute the update.

After opening Presenter, a splash screen appears and you are referred to the log-in page.
You need an account to use Presenter.
Click here to create your free account, if you do not have one already. Enter the email
address and password of your account in the required fields.