Flashing words

Jumping into language proficiency with the new Prowise MOVE game


  • Working on spelling

  • Learning words

With our brand new Prowise MOVE game 'Flashing words', pupils work on their vocabulary in a dynamic way. They are challenged to jump and move to the right letters to form the example words. 

'Flashing words'
In the 'Flashing words' game, the players are presented with words. They have to look for the right letters to spell these words letter by letter. But, the different letters are always in a different place. By jumping and moving to the correct 'floating island', players can form the word correctly. 

They can choose between short, medium or long words. In terms of playable avatars, they can go for a fox or a hare. The available playing time is of course adjustable, and the option to save the score is also available in this game. 

Flashing words