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  • Stimulate making processes and tasks second nature
  • Handling text and media smoothly and naturally
  • Expanding vocabulary with flashes

Create a set of flashcards with this tool. Choose the colour of the text and cards, create flashcards with images, adjust the time and choose whether the cards flash by in a set or random order.
Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. The tool opens in edit mode, the settings menu is unfolded. 
You can use the tool in three ways. Choose the card type on the right in the menu.

  • Flashcards with text
    Enter the text you want to flash in the white box. Press enter after each flashcard or insert a semicolon at the end.
  • Flashcards with text and media
    Click on the media library button in the tool to select media you want to insert in the flashcard. Enter the corresponding text in the white box.
  • Flashcards with media
    Click on the media library button in the tool to select media you want to insert in the flashcard.​

You can adjust the text and the colour of the card at the top of the tool. After adding content to the flashcards you can change the order of the cards by moving them around using the drag icon. You can also erase flashcards by using the drag icon and dragging them to the bin or by clicking on the bin button.
Add a new card to the flashcards with the 'Add card' button.

Start the flashcards by clicking on the start button. Click on 'Start' in the bottom-left corner to start flashing. During the game, you can see that the time is running. In the meanwhile, you can stop or pause the flashing. 

You can adjust more settings in the settings menu. You can adjust the order, direction and the duration of the flashcards. 

Select the folder icon to save your flashcard set. The words that were used are pre-populated in the description section when saving your flashcards.

Click on open to access a previously saved set of flashcards.