Foundation, Key stage 1

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  • Learning while playing collaboratively

Get started in small groups with this fairy tale lesson. 

Count the decorations on the crowns and sort them by dragging them to the correct number. The same assignment can also be performed with different shapes and colors. 

Search together for the letter s and try to find the words that start with this letter. Look at the knight, slide the word magnets to the correct part of his outfit, and then have students check each other's answers. 

Play the memory game together, fill in the sudoku and make the word search. End the lesson with a board game that can be played with six students at the same time.

The lesson activities are suitable for students to cooperate cooperatively on the tablet, All-in-One PC or touch table.

Presenter lesson with games within the theme fairy tales to play on an All-in-One PC or touch table. The lesson ideas are from Margriet van Diepen.