Editing objects



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  • Editing objects

Add objects from the media library. 

The select button is located in the taskbar. Click on the select button and then select an object. You can also select multiple objects at the same time. Use the select button and drag a frame over the objects you want to select. 
A frame, selection dots and a rotation arrow appear, together with four buttons that appear above the frame. Use the selection dots to adjust the size of the object. Grey selection dots indicate that the object is locked. Blue selection dots indicate that the object is unlocked. Use the rotation arrow to rotate the object.

Select the first button on the left to edit the object. A menu with several options unfolds. Click on the second button to add something to the object. Use the third button to lock or unlock the object. Erase the object with the fourth button.

Click on the cursor or a button in the toolbar to deactivate the select button.