Counting and grouping

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  • Comparing amounts, counting and specifying
  • Structuring amounts
  • Counting

Place an arbitrary number of items in the white field and start counting. Discover the one-on-one relationship between the numeral and the item you aim to count. Count the amount and do not skip any numerals from the sequence. The most recent numeral indicates the total of the items that need to be counted. Use the pencil in the toolbar to group the items.  

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. First, adjust the settings with the settings button. Choose the theme and select items that can be used in the tool.
Drag the items to the white field. You can choose to show the total amount of items numerically by clicking on the eye icon. Click on the eye icon again to hide the total.

Select the pencil in the toolbar and draw a box around a number of items. By doing so, you can structure the amount by grouping items.
Use the eraser to erase the box. Use the cursor button to move items around.

Counting and grouping


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