Cooperative work methods flashing with 2 set of flash cards



Practising material

Cooperative work methods can be used at different times of the lesson and stimulate collaboration. Flashing is 1 of the 17 cooperative work methods, students can ask for and provide assistance amongst themselves.  

There are 2 flash cards files:

  • File A has 5 questions and 5 answers (from the questions from file B).
  • File B has 5 answers (from the questions of file A) and 5 questions.

The teacher shares the Presenter file with the students. The students pair up and sit opposite of each other.
One student opens file A, the other opens file B. The student with file A reads out the question and provides the answer out loud, and continues to the next question. The student with file B checks and corrects the answers the other student gives.
After 5 questions the students switch roles.
The student with file B now reads and answers the question out loud. The student with file A now checks and corrects their answers. After another 5 questions, the exercise is completed.