Cooperative work methods dice



Practising material

Cooperative work methods can be used at different times of the lesson and stimulate collaboration. Dice is 1 of the 17 cooperative work methods, students can ask for and provide assistance amongst themselves.  

First, a text is read out and discussed. Next, the teacher opens a Presenter file with the Dice tool. He or she can make a legend in the file to ascribe values such as who, what, where, why and how to each of the sides of the dice. A second Dice tool can be added with for instance verbs. Save this file and use it on your touchscreen or share it small groups of students.

Let the digital dice roll on the touchscreen so everyone can see, or let it roll on the individual devices in the groups. The value of the dice determines the word(s) that a question about the text needs to be composed of. A student comes up with a question, and the others provide the answer. Students take turns in rolling the dice and devise questions until everyone has had their turn.

Add the Timer tool and set a time limit.