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  • Exploring the Presenter core skills
  • Collaborate in a Presenter file

Click on the file icon in the taskbar and a menu unfolds. Select 'Start collaborating' to start a collaboration. You will now be asked to save your file. Find a suitable location to save your file.
The file has now been saved and a screen pops up in which you can invite participants to collaborate.
Enter the email addresses of one or more of the participants you want to invite to your collaboration session. Press enter after every email address. Add a message to your invitation and click on ‘Send invitation’ to invite the participant(s).
The invitation email is now sent. You are automatically referred back to the Presenter file.

Click on file management and select ‘Invite more participants’ to add more participants.

The participants receive an invitation in their mailbox. Click on the link in the email and you are automatically referred to the relevant Presenter file. If necessary, enter your log-in details.