Prowise and the 21st century skills


  • Working towards a joint objective in which one is dependent on others in order to perform well individually

In the educational community, digital technology enables knowledge to be shared swiftly and simply. Students depend on one another when working towards a joint objective and actively get to work for each other. The application and effort of every student is the key to being successful. Together they can achieve more than on their own.

  • In Presenter, you can work together to share knowledge and thereby learn from one another. You can also implement ProConnect to accumulate know-how and then order it with or without the help of a tool.
  • Learn together with the intensive use of a touchscreen and by opening the Touch Table tools from Presenter.
  • Give students a role while they learn, so that they are truly cooperating during that process. Student 1 begins, numbers 2 and 3 join in. In this way, you bring the assignment to life - and ultimately to a successful conclusion.