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  • Using mathematical terminology
  • Programming routes and actions
  • Computational thinking
  • Generating solutions by creating an algorithmic argumentation flow

With this tool, programme a digital route and improve the computational thinking skills. Choose a character and background you want to continue with. Break the route down into smaller pieces and then let the character follow the route.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Click on the cards below the playing field. The cards display three types of actions:

  • Yellow cards are easy
  • Orange cards contain more difficult actions
  • Purple cards are the hardest

The selected cards appear in the boxes next to the playing field. You can also drag a card to a box; a blue line will indicate where you can place the card. However, the cards need to be placed next to each other in continuous order. Remove a card by dragging it to the bin or by dragging it outside of the work field.

Click on the play button to make the character follow the route. Once the character is moving, the play button switches to a fast-forward button, which makes the character complete the route in fast forward. The stop button stops the character and the character returns to the starting point. 
The route that was travelled most recently can also be made undone or you can make the character walk the route again with the buttons in the toolbar.
Use the purple card with the action that says 'pick up object' to make the character pick up objects in the playing field and place them in the suitcase in the bottom-left corner. The object is now displayed in the suitcase.

In the settings menu you can change the background and character. Close the menu by clicking on the settings button again or by clicking anywhere outside of the menu window. Click on the reset button to clear the work field and the character is placed back to the starting point.