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  • Learning to use the language of mathematics
  • Ordering objects based on a specific feature

Practise ordering cards based on the following features:

  • from 'big to small' or 'small to big'
  • from 'narrow to wide' or 'wide to narrow'
  • from 'short to long' or 'long to short'
  • from 'empty to full' or 'full to empty'
  • from 'few to many' or 'many to few'
  • from 'light to dark' or 'dark to light'

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Slide the cards to one of the squares with dotted lines. Once a card is moved to a square you can select it and drag it to another square. If you release a card outside on the the squares with dotted lines, it will return to its original position.
Once all cards are placed in the squares, they will turn red or green.
Red = not all cards are placed correctly.
Green = all cards are placed correctly.
Click on 'Reset' to clear all squares. Click on 'Next' to move on to a new set of cards.



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