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  • Exploring written language and numbers

The character picker chooses letters and numbers in random order.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. The character picker will then show one letter or two letters simultaneously. You can choose from letters of the alphabet. You can choose which combinations of letters you want to select in the settings menu. You can also choose to work with numbers. To do so, select 'numbers' in the settings menu and set the minimum and maximum. Open and close the settings menu by clicking on the settings button.

Press the red button to start generating letters or numbers with the character picker.


  • Use the character picker to verbalise letters.
  • Create words that start or end with the letter displayed in the character picker.
  • Place multiple character pickers next to each other and create as many words as possible with the letters displayed.
  • Place two number pickers next to each other and do calculations with the numbers that are displayed.
  • Play bingo with the number picker.
Character picker