Central menu

Prowise Central 2


  • Explore and apply Central menu options

The Central menu is a circular menu with several options. This menu is visible in the middle of the Central home environment. When you are not on the homepage, or the menu is not visible, you can make this menu appear in 2 or three ways:

  1. Press and hold down five fingers on the screen for a minimum of two seconds.
  2. Press the Prowise Central menu button on the remote control.
  3. (EntryLine UHD: press the settings button in the control panel.)

The Central menu consists of 5 or 6 buttons:

  1. Prowise Central home: navigate to the Prowise Central home environment
  2. Lift operation: operate the lift system (if applicable)
  3. Sound: adjust the volume of the touchscreen
  4. ProNote: take notes easily
  5. Changing input source: change the input source
  6. Accessing the sidebar: accessing the Prowise Central sidebar

Drag the menu by clicking the middle of the circular icon. Once you have pressed one of the buttons, a return button appears in the middle of the screen, enabling you to return to the Central menu. When you click on the middle of the Central menu, it will disappear.

Central menu