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  • Solving mathematical problems
  • Giving meaning to the mathematical symbols of adding and subtracting
  • Adding and subtracting numbers up to 20

Practise the concepts of adding and subtracting in concrete situations in the instruction mode. The arrow chart and the formal mathematical terminology can be visualised here.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Select one or more children to let them get on the bus. Once the children are seated, you can press 'Next stop'.  The bus drives to the next stop. There are two options:

  • Select one or more children waiting at the bus stop to become familiar with the concept of adding. More children get on the bus.
  • Select one or more children that are seated in the bus to become familiar with the concept of subtracting. The selected children will get off the bus.

You can now let the bus drive to the next stop, or press 'Final stop'. In that case the bus drives to the final stop and the mathematical calculation is ready to be completed. At the final stop you count the number of children on the bus and select the corresponding value. If the answer is wrong, it will light up in red. If the answer is correct, the children get off the bus. Select 'New' to start a new series of additions and subtractions.

You can show the values by clicking on the eye icon. You can reveal the arrow chart or formal mathematical terminology with the button above the eye icon. Adjust the number of children in the settings menu. Regulate the volume with the volume button in the toolbar.

Bus stop


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