Base ten blocks (MAB)

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  • Visualising mathematical ratios
  • Gaining insight in the decimal system
  • Gaining insight in the value of digits in numbers and the number structure
  • Practising the addition and subtraction of numbers

MAB is short for 'Multibase Arithmetic Blocks'.  Place numbers by using single blocks (ones), bars (tens), squares (hundreds) and cubes (thousands). Visualise positional values within numbers with different backgrounds.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Click on the settings button to change the tool settings. Select the blocks and background. The background determines which blocks are visible in the tool. Drag the blocks, bars, squares and/or cubes to the white field. Click on the 'Separate' button in the toolbar to separate the blocks in the following ways:

  • select a bar to divide into 10 separate blocks.
  • select a square to divide into 10 separate bars.
  • select a cube to separate into 10 separate squares.

Show or hide the total amount of blocks by clicking on the eye icon. Select the 'Reset' button to clear the field.

Base ten blocks (MAB)


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