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Adding media via the media library

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  • Adding media via the media library
  • Making learning and collaborating easier, more effective and more fun

The media library contains 3D models, illustrations, sounds, backgrounds, tools, images and
videos that you can integrate in your Presenter file.

  • 3D models can make complex content comprehensible and allow you to show your pupils objects and subjects from every angle.
  • Illustrations are created by Prowise, meaning that you can use them in your Presenter file freely without copyright issues.
  • Sounds are integrated with an image in your Presenter file. Click on the play button or on the image to play the sound.
  • Backgrounds cover the entire page. So if you move the canvas, the background remains visible. Select a white background if you want to delete the current background.
  • You can add several tools to your Presenter file. You can find information, instructional videos, objectives and user manuals for each tool on MyProwise. The tools are divided in collections in MyProwise. We have the following collections: English, maths, world orientation, arts, class management, building blocks, ProConnect tools and touch table tools
  • You can search images directly from Presenter. You can also add your own images by dragging them into your Presenter file.
  • Videos are integrated as shortcuts in your Presenter file. Click on shortcut and the video player window appears over your Presenter file.