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  • Add  background

You can insert a background in two ways.

  1. Backgrounds in the media library  
    Click on the media library button in the taskbar (second button to the left) and a new window appears. Select the option ‘Backgrounds’ and a menu unfolds. Browse for a background or pick one from the submenu. Click on the background to insert it in your page. The media library closes automatically.
  2. Backgrounds in the page manager 
    The page manager is located in the bottom-right corner in Presenter. Open the page manager by clicking on the current page number. Select the page on which you wish to insert a background. The page border turns yellow in the page manager. Next, select the three dots in the top-right corner. A menu unfolds. Choose ‘Select background’. The media library is opened. Select a background, the media library closes automatically and the background is displayed on the entire page. 

Activate the 'Backgrounds' button and select the colour 'White' to erase a background.