Add attachment



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  • Add attachment

Make sure to add an object to which a link or connection can be attached.
Select the object with the select button. Once you have selected the object, it turns yellow. Select the object by clicking on it. Selection dots appear around the frame of the object(s). Several options appear above the selected object in the dark-blue bar.
Click on the blue button with the paper clip icon and a menu appears with several options.

  • Building block: add a building block of your choice to the selected object
  • Sounds: attach a sound from the media library or a custom-made one to your object
  • Link: add a hyperlink that refers to a web page or to another page in your Presenter file to your object
  • Frames: attach a frame to your object

Once you have added an attachment to the object, the menu closes automatically. Activate the cursor to open the attachment.