Active apps

Central 3.0


  • Learn how to switch apps
  • Learn how to close all apps at once

What is the app switcher?
The app switcher in Prowise Central allows you to easily switch between apps. Compare it to the similar feature on your smartphone. You can switch apps without having to first close the app or you can close all apps at once. 

How do I open the app switcher?

  1. Open the Prowise Central menu (by holding five fingers on the screen for two seconds). The Central menu appears on the left.
  2. Select the top icon in the Central menu.

View which apps are currently active on the Prowise touchscreen, just like with your smartphone. 

  • Press the 'x' icon to close the relevant app.
  • Click on the 'x' icon for 'Active apps' to close all active apps at once.
  • Select 'Back' to close the active apps overview window.
Active apps