10 fun facts about Prowise

Get to know us even better!


  1. The circle in the Prowise logo refers to an owl
    The owl represents wisdom, which is why we thought it was fitting for Prowise and the education sector.
  2. The nickname for our hometown Budel is ICT city
    All new education innovations start here.
  3. Table football is the number one activity during the break at Prowise
    We even compete in tournaments!
  4. Colleagues have to treat everyone to sausage rolls when they forget to lock their computers
    All in the name of privacy and security, also internally.
  5. Prowise is the only one certified to supply touchscreens to the British army
    Nobody just walks into the British army. For this to happen, everything in your company needs to be in order, including privacy and security.
  6. Over 3,000,000 lessons have been shared in the Prowise Presenter community
    These are only the lessons that have been uploaded to the community. Just imagine the total amount of lessons that have been made!
  7. Each colleague has a mug with their name on it
    This brings a smile to every employee's face :-).
  8. Prowise parties are always in true Prowise fashion
    What happens at Prowise parties, stays at Prowise parties.
  9. Many colleagues welcome the weekend together on the Friday afternoon
    Together we wrap up the work week with a snack and a beverage in our canteen.
  10. The 'Birthday' tool is the most frequently opened tool in Presenter
    We are pleased to know we help you having a festive day!
10 fun facts about Prowise