• Physical activity
  • Learning through play

MOVE tools

Prowise MOVE tools make your lessons more fun, more educational and healthier. They have been developed specially for education, based on serious gaming and entirely different than any other conventional educational games. Children are being challenged to be physically active, while being in front of the Touchscreen. Students will no longer remain seated, but are challenged to move actively in front of the Touchscreen while learning through play. Your class has never been this healthy!
Open the specially developed MOVE tools in Prowise Central and they offer a unique learning experience.

MOVE camera

With the camera you can operate the Touchscreen without physically touching it. The sensor in the camera detects movements when a person is standing in front of the screen. You can get started with our specially designed tools that apply learning through motion.

Everyone with a MOVE camera has direct and free access to everything Prowise MOVE has to offer. Download the MOVE app in the Prowise Store and get started with the specially developed tools.