• Monitoring and stimulating the development process of students

You can map the development process of one student or a group of students with a test. The goal of the examination must be clear. You can create a test to map the progress or to determine the level.

We can also use it to assess the education process and the quality of of English education.

  • Goal must be clear:
    • summative test (evaluating study performance)
    • formative test (ability to adjust learning process)
  • Criteria to determine the type of examination:
    • Learning outcomes: the type of examination should be an effective measurement tool to assess whether learning outcomes have been achieved
    • Required and available time to complete the test
    • Required and available time to administer the test
    • Required and available time to evaluate the test
  • Types of examinations:
    • written or oral examination
    • individual or group assignments
    • closed or open questions
    • creating presentations, essays, etc.